Supply List

Zona Wainwright
Beginning & Intermediate Abstract Painting

acrylic paints:

  • burnt sienna

  • cadmium red medium

  • cadmium yellow medium

  • cobalt blue

  • dioxazine purple

  • mars black or ivory black

  • napthol red medium

  • phthalo blue

  • raw umber

  • titanium white

  • ultramarine blue

  • yellow ochre

6B or 8B pencils
Golden brand 16oz acrylic glazing medium
palette - roll of freezer paper
brushes - assorted sizes for acrylic paint (3 or 4 sizes)
support - choice of watercolor paper, illustration board or canvas

about 1/2-gallon-sized water bucket

masking tape 

Please note that supplies for this class are not available at the Academy in-house supply store.