Beginning Watercolor

Instructor: L Jeffrey Andrews

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent

Watercolor is fast-moving, unpredictable and hard to control.  It has a mind of its own, and is often referred to as the most difficult medium to paint with.  However, some of the very things that make this medium difficult lend to its beauty.  Watercolor paintings are full of unpredictable moments that make them endlessly interesting, both to paint and to view.

Through simple exercises and repetition, this class will focus on breaking through the potential frustrations of watercolor in order to leave students with a comfort and fluency in the medium.  Students will learn the following skills:

  • Materials - the properties of different paints, papers, and brushes

  • How watercolor travels - wet vs. dry

  • Creating washes

  • Blooming/color bleeding

  • Scumbling

  • Layering colors

  • Color mixing

  • Lifting and erasing with paper towels

  • Working with mistakes

  • Painting with shapes

  • Thinking in hard and soft edges

  • Working from light to dark

  • Drawing with negative space

The class will be organized around a combination of simple painting exercises and sessions in which the students paint from life (still life only).  Each class, students will be given a structured set of guidelines within which to grow their understanding and practice their skills.

Click HERE for a list of supplies needed for this class.