Urban Landscape Painting from Photographs

Instructor: Kaori Maeyama

prerequisites: Beginning Oil Painting (plein air landscape painting experience is helpful but not required)

 Utilizing alla prima methods, students will create urban landscape oil paintings based on photographs with attention to linear and atmospheric perspectives, unified mood, and strong composition. Acrylic painters are welcome to bring their chosen medium, although demos and instructions will focus on oil painting technique. This class requires access to a computer or tablet with basic digital image editing application, such as Photoshop, for cropping and color correction, as well as a color printer, outside of class.

The first hour of the first session will be spent on introduction in the Color & Design room on the 1st floor. The class will then move to the 2nd floor painting studio to make an alla prima painting in 2 hours. We will make a 3-hour painting in each subsequent session.

Click HERE for a list of supplies required for this class.