Supply List

Urban Landscape Painting from Photographs
Kaori Maeyama

At least 3 reference photos, on regular 8.5”x11” paper in color that you took.
They can be of different scenes, or of the same subject matter but in drastically different compositions. Cropped and color corrected if needed.

 Toned canvases or canvas boards that match the Height/Width ratio of your reference photos.
Slightly larger unstreched canvas or prepared paper taped to hardboard would also work great in case you need to change the dimensions at the last minute. (Please keep in mind that we’re making a finished painting in 2 hours, so don’t go too large!)

 Your usual supplies for painting + Odorless Thinner (Turpenoid or Art Treehouse’s Biobased Artist Thinner). No mediums please.

 Small sketchbook/notebook and something to write/draw with

 18” ruler or a tape measure (optional)

 Masking tape, to tape your reference photo to your easel