Saskia Ozols   

Saskia is a painter and independent curator from New Orleans, La. She has mounted 15 solo exhibitions, and numerous group exhibitions in cities including New Orleans, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. Her first solo museum show was held at the Diaghilev Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg Russia.

Saskia’s area of focus is Realism in visual art and its intersection with perception and/or gender. She holds an MFA from the Museum School of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and trained with painters including Sidney Goodman, Bo Bartlett, Auseklis Ozols, Nelson Shenks, and Vincent Desiderio.

Exhibitions as curator include a two-year project at the Louisiana State Archives in Baton Rouge as Curator of Fine Arts for the exhibition 40 Days and 40 Nights, Exploring the Resiliency of Louisiana’s Visual Artists After Katrina; as Chief Curator for Winter Sun, Multi- Media Exhibition in Moscow, Russia, 2015, and as Chief Curator and Juror for Persephone’s Garden, Images Inspired by Femininity and Its Transformative Creative Power, also in Moscow. Her most recent project was as Chief Curator for Responsorial: the Contemporary Dialectics of Misogyny, held at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Publications authored include Realism, Classicism, and the Feminist Voice,” chosen for publication in the conference proceedings of the 2012 Representational Art Conference of 2012; regular contributions to the New Orleans Art Review from 2005-2008, and Art Voices Magazine from 2007-2008. Recent publications and presentations include Representational Art Conference and Figurative Art Convention, in Miami where she presented “Contrapposto and the Techctonics of Gender; “and the London Center for Interdisciplinary Studies’ conference on Slavonic and East European Studies where she presented “Beyond the Path of the Peredvishniki, Exploring Intersections in Manner, Means, and Method between Russian and American Realist Painting.”

Saskia taught at Boston University from 2010-2012 and currently teaches at Tulane University, the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, and Loyola University where she is also the Gallery Director of The Loyola University Diboll Gallery. Her next Solo exhibit of paintings is scheduled for October 2020.