Supply List

Sarah Thibodeaux
Portrait Painting

prepared canvas (or gessoed board, such as Ampersand), no smaller than 11x14", no greater than 18x24"

wood palette is recommended, but other palettes are fine, as long as they are not white. The surface should be a neutral gray.

Paint: oil, artist grade:
ivory black
transparent oxide red or burnt sienna
ultramarine blue
alizarin crimson
cadmium red light
cadmium yellow light
permalba white or titanium white

Paint: acrylic:
raw umber (for toning canvas)

vine charcoal

4-6 brushes from #4 to #12 - mongoose long flats, or #4, #6,#8 of filbert bristle
sable flat #8 or #10
small sable or similar for signing paintings

turpenoid or other odorless paint thinner

rags or paper towels