Responsorial: The Second Sex and the Contemporary Dialectics of Misogyny

National Exhibition Curated by Saskia Ozols Eubanks

Reception September 8, 6 - 8pm
Please join us for light refreshments and an artists' dialogue opened with a song by Anais St John.

through September 27

Patricia Traub "Rescuer with Owls, Rabbits, and a Feral Goat" Oil on Panel, 12x12 Courtesy Gallery Henoch, N.Y, N.Y

Patricia Traub "Rescuer with Owls, Rabbits, and a Feral Goat"
Oil on Panel, 12x12
Courtesy Gallery Henoch, N.Y, N.Y

 “Woman will not accept her status as the inessential unless she becomes again the essential in the very act of abdication. “
Simone De Beauvoir, The Second Sex 

When we explore the feminine problem today how do we consider nature, creation, and perception with related histories and myths? How does the role women occupy in creation intersect with their existence as essential or inessential in other creative and intellectual realms? Roland Barthes states in Camera Lucida that he was, “Straining toward the essence of her identity, struggling among images partially true, and therefore totally false." The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts is pleased to present this exhibition of artwork that explores themes of the multifaceted relationship between nature, femininity, and creation as informed by the contemporary social climate. 

This exhibit celebrates the creative force and power of women and hopes to highlight overlapping cultural histories regarding spirituality, mythology and religion with respect for femininity.

Full list of Participating Artists:
Martha Alguera
Steven Assael
Kim Bernadas
Katina Bitsicas
Barbara Brainard
Kate Brockman
R.U. Cranch
Herbert Danielson
Sarah Dearie
Anne Fitz-Hugh
Alan Gerson
Susan Gisleson
Patsy Grace
Ronna Harris
Tanya Harsch
Shelley Hesse
Gretchen Weller Howard
Evelyn Jordan
Audra Kohout
Kalindah Marie Laveaux
Carol Leake
Billi London-Gray
Sara Madandar
Rosemary Meza-DesPlas
Jason McPhillips
Elisabeth Nickles
Ruth Owens
Auseklis Ozols
Carol Peebles
Josephine Sacabo
Sara Stevensen
Sarah Thibodeaux
Patricia Traub
Magtillt Laan Van Thiel
Brigid Viguerie
Sidonie Villere
Gary Weisman
Jack Weisman
Treacy Ziegler