Supply List

Phil Sandusky
Landscape Painting

For the benefit of his new students, Phil demonstrates the first class of each semester. The only thing you need to bring to this class is a small sketch pad. Phil will discuss the other items on this list at that time.  It could potentially save you a great deal of money to wait until this discussion before purchasing any of the items on this list.

Robert Simmons Signet flats (or "Simply Simmons" flats for a more economic option), sizes #8, #10, #12. Filberts are acceptable if you already have them, but brights are unacceptable. Have at least two of each size. One #5 brush for sketching.

If you already have paint, it will likely work for this class. Phil will make recommendations if he feels it is in some way inadequate. Phil's approach uses a large quantity of paint, so he uses paint that is less expensive yet permanent and archival (Winton brand)

  • titanium white 200ml
  • cadmium red deep (hue) 200ml
  • cadmium orange (hue) 200ml
  • cadmium yellow (hue) 200ml
  • lemon yellow (hue) 200ml
  • french ultramarine 200ml
  • viridian (hue) 200ml
  • permanent alizarin crimson 37ml
  • raw umber 37ml (for toning canvases)

If you buy any of the above colors, make sure you get the Series 1 with "hue" in the title wherever specified. Phil will explain the reason for this in the first class.

a variety of sizes no smaller than 11x14" and no larger than 18x24"

buy or make a real palette if you do not already have one. No paper palettes.

turpentine, turpenoid or mineral spirits, and a jar to put it in.

portable easel

sun visor

warm, layered clothing for cold weather, ice water and sunscreen for the summer

If you use stretched canvas, you need a piece of cardboard or similar cut to the size of the canvas to stop sunlight from coming through.