Phil Sandusky


Phil Sandusky is a nationally renowned impressionist landscape painter who also excels in figure painting and portraiture. He is best known for his cityscapes of New Orleans, which can be found in such prominent collections as the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Historic New Orleans Collection, and the Louisiana State Museum. His work has been featured in such prominent periodicals as American Artist and Plein Air Magazine and he has written several articles for these publications. He has also written four art books that feature his paintings with text about vision and art.

One hallmark of Sandusky’s approach is to not mix drawing with painting. While drawing is very important to him and he holds that students should learn to draw well before they learn to paint, he believes that drawing concerns such as the shapes, scale, and relative position of forms and patterns in the picture plane should be integrated into the painting process rather than extracted as a separate step at the beginning. While this approach is difficult, it will give students a glimpse into the minds of such artists as Rembrandt, Velazquez, Sargent and Mone