Painting with Gouache

Instructor: Jean Cassels

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent

Gouache is an amazingly versatile medium, used to render precise realism or impressionism. In this class we cover a wide range of creative possibilities.

Gouache may be used with the techniques of watercolor or of oil, or in combination of both, and with unique techniques such as black-ink-wash-off.  All will be demonstrated and discussed and practiced in class. There will be in-class assignments working from various objects, and homework assignments, as well as the opportunity for more individual investigations and expression with work done outside of class. Using the colors and patterns of nature as inspiration will be the first in-class assignment, painted from natural materials brought fresh to the class.

Gaining confidence with the use of gouache will be an initial goal. There will be demonstrations and handouts, while practical experience will be an excellent teacher.

This class is appropriate for both beginning painting students and continuing students of gouache.

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