November 5 - 26, 2016

Opening Reception to meet the artists:
Saturday, November 5 2016, 5:30 - 8pm

Martyn Lucas
"Ends of the Earth"

Martyn Lucas, raised in England, lives in the United States and travels the world for his photography subjects. His recently published work highlight the polar regions which he visits as a photographic guide and instructor for Aurora Expeditions, who specialize in polar explorations.

"I am drawn to the polar regions whose magnificence stands as monuments to nature, grandeur of light and space and texture and form.  As a lover of music, I find amidst them a never-ending array of melodies, harmonies and overtones. It is music captured in ice: complex, yet simple, stately and at times solemn and, above all else, inspiring."

Visit  www.martynlucasphoto.com for more information.

William Seemann
"Nature: Solace & Solitude"

Bill Seemann lives and works in coastal Mississippi near New Orleans. His photography is about water, islands and mysterious places.  Several of his images are in the permanent collection of the Mississippi Museum of Art, and his work is represented in numerous private collections.

"Photography has become the lens through which I have been able to see the subtle beauty of the Deep South, especially its soft waters and captivating and magical barrier islands. I am currently working to document the islands as they are now, working to capture their special beauty even after storms and fires."
Visit www.billseemann.com for more information.