“Color My World” is a show about the reflective world I see and paint.

 I am a voyeur.  I love eye candy – colors, light, reflections and anything made out of chrome. I paint what I see in the world around me – it’s there and it’s shiny, vibrant and hot. Using mechanical subject matter, my photorealistic paintings focus on the reflective, abstract nature of the subject.

These mechanical images can also be seen as objects of desire - our passions and dreams which can give us pleasure and a sense of identity or style. They are realities, fantasies and illusions at the same time.

Keith Marshall has written:

 “She took courses at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, where she studied with director Auseklis Ozols and others, who praised her facility with rendering the glistening christening cups, silver utensils and Christmas ornaments they'd set up in still lifes for students to paint.

 ‘I kept stumbling onto reflections,’ she recalls. ‘And I began taking photographs of subjects I wanted to use in paintings.’

 One day, Lockwood was photographing the intricate surface of a sycamore tree outside the Academy. She turned around and noticed the reflection of the tree on a parked car nearby.

‘I snapped that and took the picture to class. Everyone was wild about it.’ A Chrome Diva was born!”


“How’s Bayou? Beautiful Creature Comforts”
Times Picayune. NOLA Vie
March 5, 2013


Lory Lockwood