Lightroom 101

Instructor: Helen Reed

The goal of this course is to explore fundamental techniques in Adobe Lightroom. It is ideal for students eager to explore Lightroom, work with batch processing techniques and gain an understanding of how to create a basic, yet comprehensive workflow.  This is an introductory class geared towards beginners!

Course Objectives/Learning Objectives: Students will gain a working knowledge of Lightroom and develop their skills in culling, editing, and altering photographs for through a basic understanding of the Lightroom modules. You will discover the vast possibilities and convenience of batch editing, and begin to develop an understanding of general image corrections to enhance the continuity of your work. Exercise files will be available for each class, but you are encouraged to bring your own images to work on during studio time. Throughout this course you will learn the tools you need to be more efficient in your photo-editing skills and to increase the flexibility and quality of your artwork. At the beginning of each class we will do a quick review and answer any questions students may have after completing the homework assignments. New information will be introduced, accompanied by exercise files that the students are encouraged to use and work along with during the instruction. Generally the class will have two demo sessions with work periods in between to allow time for students to work on their own, practice their skills, and ask specific questions one-on-one.

Materials: Students must have a computer or tablet with Lightroom capabilities, paid Lightroom access (Creative Cloud, any previous version of Lightroom,) and a flash drive.  Please come to class with the software installed and functioning!  Any materials/images provided by the instructor will be available via Google Drive.
Please note that the Lightroom software is available on a subscription basis at For $10 per month you get Lightroom and Photoshop.