Intermediate Life Drawing

Instructor: Claude Ellender

Prerequisite: Beginning Life Drawing or equivalent*


Instruction includes drawing the human figure, incorporating the study of gesture, contour and the dynamics of the figure. The course stresses a cursory understanding of basic anatomy as a foundation for creative expression. Classical and contemporary approaches are taught. It is geared towards gesture and emphasizes a loose and energetic approach to figure drawing. A typical class will start with 1- and 2-minute gesture drawings and goes up to 20-minute drawings.

Classes in the longer spring and fall semesters include about one month of drawing the figure in large format, using 4 x 4’ drawing boards and sheets of butcher paper (both provided by us). The purpose of these exercises is to encourage students to practice working outside of their common comfort zone, which commonly is a much smaller format.

Proficiency in gesture life drawing requires skilled eye-to-hand coordination, which means hours of practice every week. Students in this class are strongly encouraged to attend as many Open Studios as possible to supplement class exercises.

This class takes place in our 3rd floor atelier with ample north light, which can be supplemented with numerous artificial lighting options if necessary.

* Students without life drawing experience may be welcome pending instructor’s approval.

Click HERE for a list of supplies required for this class.