Landscape Painting

Instructor: Gus Hoffman

Prerequisites:  Beginning Oil Paintingor equivalent

With the light moving and changing so quickly, how can I paint a single leaf, let alone an entire tree? How can I realistically paint that cloud when it keeps moving so fast?

Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of outdoor painting!

This class will focus on developing a comprehensive approach towards landscape painting. Some of the fundamental concepts covered will be:

  • what to bring into the field (and what not to)
  • how to set up your palette
  • Understanding the fleeting nature of outdoor light
  • simplification of massing
  • value divisions within the landscape
  • the basics of mixing color
  • finding compositions within nature

Class will be organized around painting exercises designed to enhance students' understanding of the above concepts. Each week we will also do a close reading of one landscape painting from a Master Artist. Students will be encouraged to think critically about these paintings as a source of inspiration and guidance within their own practice.

Click HERE for a list of supplies required for this class.