Supply List

Instructor: L Jeffrey Andrews

The following supplies can either be purchased locally at Mo’s Art Supply or online through the provided Amazon links.  Most of these supplies are not available through the Academy in-house supply store.


We will work with watercolor paint from tubes or pan watercolors.  Students can either purchase a set of paints or buy the tubes individually.  We will need one of each of the following colors:

  • Warm red (e.g. Cadmium Red, Vermilion)

  • Cool red (e.g. Crimson, Rose Madder)

  • Warm yellow (e.g. Cadmium Yellow, Deep Yellow)

  • Cool yellow (e.g. Lemon Yellow)

  • Warm blue (e.g. Ultramarine Blue)

  • Cool blue (e.g. Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue)

  • Warm Green (e.g. Permanent Green)

  • Cool Green (e.g. Viridian Green, Cobalt Green)

  • Burnt Sienna

Optional colors:

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Burnt Umber

  • Shell pink

  • Purple


Holbein makes excellent professional grade watercolors.  Winsor Newton also makes good quality paints. Students can use other brands if they prefer.

Holbein Artists' Watercolor 12 Color Set

Holbein Artists' Watercolor 24 Color Set


Students will need at least two medium size round watercolor brushes (size 10 to 16) and one small round (size 2 to 4).  In addition, an assortment of flats and various round sizes are welcome but not necessary.

Synthetic brushes are the most cost effective option and suitable for beginners.  Sable is much more expensive, but a good option for painters who are making a long-term investment.

Princeton Art & Brush Synthetic Brush Set

Synthetic Squirrel Round Brush, Size 4

Synthetic Squirrel Round Brush, Size 12


We will be working with both Hot Press and Cold Press watercolor paper with a thickness of 140lbs or greater.  Students can purchase watercolor blocks, pads, or individual sheets of paper. Notebooks should be between 8x10” and 9x12”, and individual sheets of paper should be cut down to size.

Arches 9x12” Cold Press Watercolor Pad

Arches 10x14” Hot Press Watercolor Pad


A white plastic or aluminum palette is recommended.  The palette ought to have a large color mixing area. If your palette does not have ample space to mix colors, please bring white styrofoam plates or another substitute mixing tray to class with you.

18 Well Plastic Palette

Water Bowls

Students will need two small bowls for water (one for dirty, one for clean).

Paper Towels

Students will need to bring their own paper towels.  The more absorbent the paper towel, the better. Bounty and Viva are both good brands for our purposes.