Supply List

Beginning Landscape Painting
Kaori Maeyama

 Oil Paint (Utrecht or Winsor & Newton recommended):
Titanium White
Winsor Lemon
Winsor Yellow Deep
Yellow Ochre
French Ultramarine
Ivory Black
Winsor Red Deep
Alizarin Crimson
Viridian or Phthalo Green

Acrylic Paint: Raw Umber (for toning the canvas)
Long Handle Brushes (Robert Simmons Signet or Silver Brush Ruby Satin recommended):
one Flat #6, two each of Flat #8, #10, #12, one each of Filbert #8, #10 (optional)
Gessoed Stretched Canvases or Canvas Boards in various sizes between 8”x10” and 18”x24”
Cardboard cut to the size of canvas (not needed for Canvas Boards)
Full or Half French Easel (or equivalent)
Wooden Palette, at least 12 x 16”
Palette Knife (2” - 3” blade)
Odorless Paint Thinner (such as Turpenoid, Gamsol, or Art Treehouse Bio-Based Artist’s Thinner)
Metal Brush Cleaning Jar with Locking Lid
Palette Cup
Paper Towels
Adjustable Viewfinder (such as ViewCatcher)
Plastic Grocery Bags for trash and brushes
Insect Repellant, Sunscreen, Brimmed Hat, Golf Umbrella