Intro to Drawing

Instructor: Saskia Ozols

prerequisites: there are no prerequisites for this course

This class will introduce students to a variety of approaches for drawing designed to enhance the creative process with a foundation that can be carried over into any other visual medium. Concentration will be placed on the formal elements of design, linear and atmospheric perspective, Albertian method for measurement of relative proportion, studies with gesture and quick sketching, and finding one’s own voice. The subjects each week will vary based on what best suits the lesson. Weekly group critiques will introduce a vocabulary of art terms and emphasize visual literacy. The final presentation will include a portfolio containing at least one finished work with a title from each topic we studied as well as a final project. An optional reading list will be provided in order to enhance awareness of issues related to the studio work we do. These texts may be utilized as sources for argument during critique, the development of artist’s statements throughout the semester, and for research on the master copy.

This class takes place in our 2nd floor drawing studio. You will be straddling a wooden drawing bench without back during class (see classroom photos below). We are able to make other accommodations if necessary: please contact us well in advance of the beginning of your class to discuss alternatives. 

Click HERE for a list of supplies required for this class.