Intermediate Drawing

Instructor: Jean Cassels

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent

This course is the direct continuation of my Beginning Drawing course,  starting with graphite and charcoal, then moving on to charcoal pencil and white conte on grey paper. To brush up our skills we will initially work again with the basic shapes of nature such as the sphere, column, cube and cone. We will be seeing and drawing value on form, cast shadows, negative space, and the intervals between objects. Working with objects from nature, we will use pen and non-waterproof ink, that after it dries, works beautifully with a brush and water. There will be continued study of perspective. One of our assignments will be using our room as subject matter, that will give greater confidence in drawing from life. Composition, negative space, perspective, the expressive quality of line, and the emotional quality of a drawing; will always be part of our working and thinking.

There will be homework that is a continuation of our class work. 

 All work in this class is done from life, based on the realist tradition and never from photographs.

This class takes place in our 2nd floor drawing studio. You will be straddling a wooden drawing bench without back during class (see classroom photos below). We are able to make other accommodations if necessary: please contact us well in advance of the beginning of your class to discuss alternatives. 

Click HERE for a list of supplies required for this class.