Gold Leaf Gilding

Instructor: Patti Adams

prerequisites: some experience with calligraphy

In this course, you’ll learn a variety of techniques by hands-on gold leaf gilding. We will do gilding on assorted fine art papers and vellum as we explore the mysteries of the ancient art of gilding including raised gilding, flat gilding, tooling, the use of gesso size, powered pigments and more. This class will incorporate elements of calligraphy into the gold leafing process.

We will use both 23K patent or transfer gold and 24K loose leaf gold including lemon gold, white gold, rose gold, variegated gold, powdered gold and shell gold. Rather than have you purchase a lot of expensive supplies and equipment, with the help of a $55 supply fee, ALL the gold, sizes, vellum and papers will be provided to you. I will also have a variety of burnishers, embossing tools, nibs, ruling pens and brushes for you each to try.

Each student will be required to bring to class a basic list of supplies including a ruler, pencil (2H), paper towels, water container, good quality synthetic brush (size 0), kneaded eraser, small mixing palette and a couple of brushes for mixing color and applying glues.