Juju Doll Art for Love, Luck and Protection

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 9, 6 - 8 pm

on display through March 30, 2019

“I was raised in the deep swamps of south Louisiana by a French speaking Cajun mother. One of her expressions whenever I did something right was “well, mon Cher, you just made some good juju, you”. This meant I would get good luck for good deeds. The idea I later realized was inspired by a West African belief system that was embraced by the people on the bayou. Most deep cultures have dolls and charms as a part of their lore for luck, happiness, and protection. I have been sketching and drawing these since I can remember. When I begin painting them, my Juju Dolls take on a life of their own. People have commissioned them to preserve family traditions, to commemorate special occasions or to honor a beloved pet or place in their lives. The Jujus have become global storytellers of culture. In the spirit in which they are created, I hope they bring love, luck and good juju to all.”

Garland Robinette

To learn more about Garland’s Juju doll art, watch his insightful and fascinating interview with WWL Radio’s talk show host Scoot HERE.

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