Please click on the links below for biographies of our former faculty members:

Franklin Adams
Enrique Alferez
Brent Barnidge
Bill Binnings
Kinzey Branham (sculpture)
Daniel Breaux (oil painting)
Kathy Brombacher (watercolor painting)
Ted Callas
Anne Cicero (abstract acrylic painting)
Jose-Maria Cundin
Xavier De Callatay
Adrian Deckbar (oil painting)
Madeleine Faust
Kathy Gergo (drawing and watercolor painting)
Bob Graham
Martha Guthrie (watercolor painting)
Robert Guthrie (watercolor painting)
Elias Keller (creative writing)
Gretchen Krasny (drawing & oil painting)
John Lawrence
Bonnie Maygarden (drawing)
David Noll (oil painting)
Nikki Martin Rue  (color theory & design)
Evelyn Menge (watercolor painting)
Laura Mitchell
Owen Murphy (photography)
Victoria Ryan (photography)
Kate Samworth
Reeve Schley
George Seijka
Richard Sexton (photography)
Zack Smith (photography)
Karen Stastny
Allison Stewart
Garth Swanson
Magtillt van Thiel (drawing & oil painting)
Kathleen Trapolin
Janet Urrate
Sam Urrate
Dell Weller (oil painting)
Patty Whittey