Supply List

Darrell Brown
Still Life Oil Painting

Supplies needed for the first class:

  • 18 x 24" newsprint drawing pad
  • several sticks of vine charcoal - fine or medium size
  • still life objects: bring more than you will need and eliminate some if not needed as you create an arrangement
    First-time students: bring simple objects (3 to 7) with plain surfaces and subdued colors which can be achieved with earth color paints only.  This first project will be the only one limited to earth color paints.
  • earth color paints:
    yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna, indian red OR venetian red OR english red, raw umber, burnt umber and mars black.  You will also need a small tube of titanium white (NOT Permalba brand)
  • other oil paint colors needed later:
    cadmium yellow medium, cadmium orange, cadmium red deep, alizarin crimson, chromium oxide green, phthalo green, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, dioxazine purple
  • brushes:
    filbert (shape) white bristle #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12
    round drawing brush
  • other materials needed:
    wooden palette, palette knife, small bottles of linseed oil, turpentine and retouch varnish, small glass jars with screw tops for cleaning brushes and making paint medium, cotton rags, paper towels, two brush holders for separating your brushes (tall cans work)

Please note that as a convenience to our students, basic art supplies are available in the supply room at the Academy, sold at cost. If there is something required for class that is not in stock at the school, please visit a local supplier or purchase online.