List of Supplies

Carol Peebles
Life Drawing & Portrait Drawing

1. Strathmore Charcoal Paper, laid finish, series 500 premium, assorted tints, 18 x 24”
This has a wire binding and great colors. If the store is out of this, please get Strathmore Pastel Paper, textured finish - 400 series/best, assorted tints, 18 x 24’ (no other pastel paper, as this has a particular texture good for our vine charcoal)

2. Soft Vine Charcoal or Willow Charcoal
Medium size sticks and one large stick. Make sure it is not hard vine, but soft, and medium size sticks (not skinny), so they they will fit into the charcoal holder.

3. Vine Charcoal Holder 7"
Richeson Tools (not a pencil holder)

4. A Kneaded Eraser

5. Two or three Large Bulldog Clips (or 'bankers' clasps')

6. 11 x 14" Strathmore Black Hardbound Sketchbook
For demos, notes during lectures and requisite homework diary.

7. Two 6B Charcoal Pencils and/or Two 4B Charcoal Pencils

8. One White Pencil (pastel, conté or white charcoal)

9. New Pencil Sharpener or Razor Blade
with casing or ziploc bag for shavings.

10.Paper Towel (not cloth, shammy or kleenex)

Carol will provide a sighting stick for use in class, and we will provide drawing boards and easels for use in class.

Please do not bring a large box of other supplies to class.

You can find these supplies at:
David Art, 3020 N. Arnoult, Metairie
Mo’s Art Supplies, 1124 S. Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans

Required Book:
Lessons in Classical Drawing, Juliette Aristides (ISBN 978-0-8230-0659-5)
Recommended Books:
Classical Drawing Atelier - A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice, Juliette Aristides
The Art Spirit, Robert Henri
any book by Robert Beverly Hale/Coyle
any book by George Bridgman