March 3 - April 28, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 3, 5 - 8pm


The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts is pleased to present: “Reggie Ezell’s 26 Seeds: A Year To Grow CALLIGRAPHY EXHIBITION” . This exhibition will display over eighty pieces of artwork from a year-long calligraphy course with master teacher and calligrapher Reggie Ezell of Chicago, a course that has been among the most highly regarded and sought after in the U.S. and Canada. The fifteen participants explored a multitude of lettering and design techniques with Reggie and celebrate with him his remarkable thirty-year teaching career. 

Exhibiting artists include: Reggie Ezell, Patti Adams, Michele Boyce, Troy Brooks, Carmel Cucinotta-Harmon, Lisa Devlin, Georgia Dufresne-Baisier, Debra Fleming, Natalie Gaidry, Maria Helena Hoksch, Anne Kathryn Hunter, Fe Laughlin, Theresa Lutostanski, LaVerne Parfait, Petrea Tomko and Eugenia Uhl. 

This group exhibition celebrates the vibrant properties of calligraphy with works on vintage and  handmade papers, vellum, parchment, canvas and other surfaces, using a variety of watermedia, including watercolor, gouache and acrylic. Numerous of these pieces are also beautifully hand-tooled with many different types of gold and silver leaf. Many exquisite handmade books will be on display for viewing and purchasing as well.

Reggie is a teacher. Over the past three decades his year long course “26 Seeds: a Year to Grow” has been among the most highly regarded and sought after in the U.S. and Canada. For a decade before that he taught calligraphy at Loyola University and the Newberry Library of Chicago. For the last five years his new extended studies course “PRIMITIVE TO MODERN”, as the title suggests, has been an intense fusion of millennia old materials and techniques; calfskin vellum, gilding, quills, dry pigments, and designs (eg. Codex Aureus) with computer and ink jet generated backgrounds, modernized alphabets, contemporary and innovative designs and techniques. The structure, geared to flexibility, generates finished works based on the student’s preference for structured examples or individual initiative and interest. These exciting works have been emailed out weekly since 2009 as “Pic of the Week”, all archived on his website Since 2013 he has produced a series of instructional calligraphy DVDs and Portfolios available on his website, with free “trailers”on YouTube.