Beginning Drawing

Instructor: L Jeffrey Andrews

Prerequisites: this course has no prerequisites

Drawing is the foundation of any artistic practice.  It is a way to understand form, value and the spatial relationships in the world around you.  Drawing is thinking on paper, and an artform in its own right.  Not to mention, it’s a downright fun thing to do!

This course offers an introduction to traditional drawing.  The absolute beginner will leave with a basic understanding of how to draw what they see, and how to create the feeling of three-dimensions on a two-dimensional page.  Students will learn the following skills:

  • Drawing with negative space

  • Measuring for scale and proportion

  • Linear and curvilinear perspective

  • Characteristics of light on a form

  • Setting up basic still lifes/composition

  • Establishing values and shading

In each class, simple drawing exercises will be used to put the above concepts into practice.  After completing this course, students will be equipped with the fundamental tools needed to take intermediate drawing or beginner oil painting. No drawing experience is required.

This class takes place in our 2nd floor drawing studio. You will be straddling a wooden drawing bench without back during class (see classroom photos below). We are able to make other accommodations if necessary: please contact us well in advance of the beginning of your class to discuss alternatives. 

Click HERE for a list of supplies needed for this class.