Beginning & Intermediate Oil Painting (3rd floor)

Instructor: Kathleen Matthews

Prerequisites: Beginning Drawing or equivalent

Beginning painting students will receive an introduction to the basic materials and traditional techniques of oil painting. Students will use inanimate objects as themes for pictorial composition. The still life set ups will be chosen by the instructor and will change for every class. The knowledge beginning students acquire in this class is absolutely essential to all other  oil painting classes, including all Still Life, Figure, Portrait, and Landscape courses.  

Intermediate painting students will receive instruction and guidance based on their interests and level of proficiency. Intermediate students may choose their own still life objects, however, the objects must be removed at the end of each class.        

This class takes place in our 3rd floor atelier with ample north light, which can be supplemented with numerous artificial lighting options. Still life setups for this class may not be left up between classes.

Click HERE for supplies needed for this class.