2012 Annual Student Awards

We hereby confer the following awards to those students who showed exceptional merit, devotion to learning, and progress in the mastery of the fine arts.

The Gwendolyn Laan Ozols Award
Pax Bobrow

Established by James J. Coleman in memory of Gwendolyn Laan Ozols, this award is given for outstanding accomplishments, capability of continued growth and our anticipation of the student's future contributions to the community through art.

The Thomas Eakins Award
Zona Wainwright

The Thomas Eakins Award is given to a student who has shown consistent, outstanding growth and overall excellence.

The Walter Stuempfig Award
Andrea Bukaty

Walter Stuempfig (1914 - 1967) was an American painter and professor at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. This award was established in his honor by his son Anthony, and is given for overall excellence.

The Jaye D. Percy Award
Mac Richards

Established by Billups Percy in memory of his wife, a former student at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. This award is given to a student who has shown exceptional promise, discipline, and selfless devotion to studying the fine arts.

The Alfred Stieglitz Award
Ryan Perea

Presented to a student of photography who made exceptional progress in establishing personal vision, developing a unique style and innovatively mastering technology, has demonstrated outstanding creativity, and shows significant potential to contribute to the arts community.

The NOAFA Scholarship Award
Amy Thorpe

Given to a student who has demonstrated outstanding growth and progress, shown dedication by attending classes full time at a financial sacrifice.

Watercolor Award
Young Allen

Faculty Awards


Faculty members give these awards to honor students who have shown outstanding ability and a sincere interest in learning



Kim Bernadas

Darrell Brown

Jean Cassels

Diego Larguia

Auseklis Ozols

Carol Peebles

Nikki Martin Rue

Victoria Ryan

Phil Sandusky

Billy Solitario

Nell Tilton



Kate Prechter

Debra Becnel

Paul Arceneaux

Julie Hughes

Fred Kushner

Amy Lovelace

Revill Bayer

Cindy Kehoe

Kaori Maeyama

George Newton III

Mona Louviere