2015 Annual Student Awards

We hereby confer the following awards to those students who showed exceptional merit, devotion to learning and progress in the mastery of the fine arts.


Nikki Page Sothern

Gwendolyn Laan Ozols Award

Established by James J. Coleman in memory of Gwendolyn Laan Ozols, this award is given for outstanding accomplishments, capabilty of continued growth and our anticipation of the student's future contributions to the community through art.

Tina Sachs

The Thomas Eakins Award

The Thomas Eakins Award is given to a student who has shown consistent, outstanding growth and overall excellence.

Andrea Day Bukaty

The Lila & Walther Stuempfig Memorial Award

This award is given by Anthony Stuempfig in memory of his parents. His father, Walter Stuempfig (1914-1967), was an American painter and professor at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  The award is for overall excellence.

Winston Labouisse

The NOAFA Scholarship Award

The NOAFA Scholarship Award is to a student who has demonstrated outstanding growth and progress while attending classes at a financial sacrifice, showing significant potention to contribute to the arts community.

Gretchen Krasny

The Gia Maione Prima Foundation Award

Gia Prima

Gia Prima

The Gia Maione Prima Foundation was established by the late Gia Maione Prima with the assistance of long-time friend and counsel, Anthony J. Sylvester of Sherman Wells Sylvester & Stamelman, LLP.  Gia was a singer and widow of famous jazz singer/composer Louis Prima, and also an artist and a devotee of the fine arts.  The Award is given to a student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has shown outstanding accomplishment and dedication to fine arts.  

Ann Casbon

The Director's Award

Terry Schwall

The Dr & Mrs Michael Carey Color & Design Award

Elizabeth Andreas

Special Commendation

Faculty Awards
Faculty members give these awards to honor students who have shown outstanding ability and a sincere interest in learning.

Patti Adams
Kim Bernadas
Darrell Brown
Jean Cassels
Anne Cicero
Claude Ellender
Diego Larguia
Kathleen Matthews
Auseklis Ozols
Carol Peebles
Phil Sandusky
Zack Smith
Billy Solitario
Sarah Thibodeaux
Nell Tilton

Nikki Martin Rue
Kathleen Turner
David Bourgeois
Biff Motley
Emily Brown
Susan Gohd
Melinda Smolkin
Cary King
Nancy Rix
Young Allen
Kaori Maeyama
Melissa Geisland
Jonell Lombardo
Tommy Nocera
Aimee Farnet Siegel