New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

now registering students for the spring semester 2018


There are more than 3,000 students, over a span of nearly twenty years - 300 at any given time. They include internationally-known children's book illustrators, local media celebrities, professionals of every stripe, retirees who have waited a lifetime to nurture their creative interests, young mothers who are taking time for themselves for an afternoon, and people who will go on to make art their careers. Students at the Academy, whatever their interest or future, gain a firm foundation in the classical tradition on which to build a profession or develop an educated approach to art connoisseurship.

NOAFA is as much about the people as it is about the art. "It's a safe place, a refuge," says one student. Mrs. Coleman adds, "The ambiance is incredibly important. People want to be here. It's an island of escape, a second home, a place of camaraderie. We work hard, we're serious and we're appreciative."  To the left are examples of student works from various courses.

The Academy accepts students aged 18 and older of varying levels of attainment. Beginners often work alongside more advanced students. Students with degrees in art from other schools enter our studios to perfect their skills. Beginners entering the school are encouraged to follow basic direction. An understanding of traditional materials and techniques is a prerequisite to the venture of experimental media. Familiarity with materials such as charcoal and conte crayon precede painting assessment. Students are encouraged to proceed at their own pace.

Student Art Fair

The Student Art Fair is one of the Academy's most popular events; both for students and the public. It is held annually in conjunction with the Student Exhibition . All students who are qualified are given the opportunity to sell their art to the public.


Annual Student Exhibition

About the Student Exhibition

At the close of the school year, the Academy presents its annual Student Exhibition. The Academy instructors jury the show and select the outstanding students whose work will appear. Awards and scholarships are awarded by faculty vote based on merit and dedication.

Past Award Winners: