art for arts' sake 2017

dorothy j coleman & auseklis ozols: opening reception October 14, 6 - 8pm

Oil Painting Materials & Techniques

Instructor: Saskia Ozols Eubanks

This course will address the process of painting from a traditional approach to realist painting technique that includes preparatory sketching, stretching, and priming your own painting surface, and final varnish techniques. 

Through the process of still life painting; drawing, measuring, based on the albertian method, color mixing from a limited palette and paint application will be explored as well as preparing grounds for painting used throughout art history that particularly suit your vision.

This class is open to everyone. It will cover issues of beginning drawing in association with the preparatory sketching before painting necessary for beginning students, and it is also an excellent class for more advanced painters, as it focuses on method and process from start to finish that most oil painting classes do not cover.

Click  HERE for a list of supplies necessary for this class.