Juju Doll Art for Love, Luck and Protection

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 9, 6 - 8 pm

on display through March 30, 2019

“I was raised in the deep swamps of south Louisiana by a French-speaking Cajun mother. One of her expressions whenever I did something right was “well, mon cher, you just made some good juju, you”. Most deep cultures have dolls and charms as a part of their lore for luck, happiness and protection. My Juju Dolls have taken on a life of their own. People have commissioned them to preserve family traditions, to commemorate special occasions or to honor a beloved pet or place in their lives. The Jujus have become global storytellers of culture. They first showed up in my ink drawings on paper tablecloths in the restaurants I would frequent in New Orleans. I used soy sauce and hot sauce for color, and by the end of a fabulous meal a member of the wait staff would ask me if they could have the drawing. It is with great gratitude for my life that I offer my Juju Dolls. In the spirit in which they are created, I hope they bring good juju to all.”

Garland Robinette