New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

spring semester January 15 - May 5

Group Critique

Instructor: Gus Hoffman

Open to intermediate and advance artists in any medium

Feel stuck in your artistic practice? Don't know what you should learn next? Just looking for inspiration to help take your art to the next level?

Consider taking our group-based critique class. In this respectful, constructive environment, students will learn the valuable skill of being able to talk articulately about their own work and the work of fellow artists. Group discussions will be geared towards helping individual artists understand and set personal goals and how to go about accomplishing them. We will also look closely at the work of the great masters as a source of inspiration and guidance.

This class can be broken down into three separate but interconnected parts:

1. Constructive Feedback
Students will learn to become comfortable articulating and discussing the content of their work, and will practice constructive feedback. Feedback will revolved both around technical aspects of your work, as well as the inspiration and message.

2. Discovering Your Artists Lineage
In this section students will be challenged to reach beyond their personal relationship to art and look for inspiration in the great masters.  Students will study different artists, their personal habits and their relationships to their practices. Students will give brief presentations about specific artists they admire and the connection between other people's work and their own. There will also be guest artists talking about their own process.

3. Our Meta-Relationship to Our Art
This section will explore the intangibles affecting students' process, including workspace organization, work habits, relationship to your tools, media and subject matter.

There will be discussions about helping students get out of ruts and periods of creative blocks, including concrete exercises to break out of habits.

Students will present their work at the beginning of the course, and again at the end. There will also be smaller assignments, such as readings, throughout the course.