New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

Registering now for our summer semester: June 4 - July 27

The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts offers classes in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, calligraphy and art history.

For detailed descriptions of individual classes please follow the links from our current class schedule:

2018 Spring Semester
2018 Summer Semester


Drawing is the handmaiden of the arts, the basis of all eventual understanding of every form of painting, including abstract, figure, landscape, etc. Classes stress the comprehension of value, proportion and scale. Students are introduced to various media, such as pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, and pen & ink. We offer beginning, intermediate and life drawing classes.


The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts offers a wide variety of painting courses at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. The classes address technique, style and subject matter as well as medium: Abstract, Life Painting (Figure Painting), Portrait Painting, Still Life, Watercolor, Gouache, etc.


We offer classes in portrait and figure sculpture in clay, working from a live model.