New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

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Beginning Drawing

Instructor: Jean Cassels

Beginning Drawing is an introduction to the basic skills of traditional drawing.   The first day, students begin with the simple act of drawing lines, the goal is to know the line you want to make before you make it.  Control is gained with practice.  Understanding the power of lines and what they can express is important, so that as artists we are better able to communicate with the viewer our intent.  In class we study composition and an often ignored part of a drawing, the 'empty' space around the subject.  Called 'negative space', it is an important part of any composition and valuable in understanding the ‘positive shape’. The laws of linear perspective are studied by drawing circles and squares in perspective.  The student will also work from the basic forms of nature - the cube, the cylinder, and the sphere. Proportion and scale are important studies as well as using highlight and shadow to describe form.  These studies are all essential to the beginning student's development.

All work in this class is done from life, based on the realist tradition and never from photographs.

There is homework as an extension of what is covered in class. Homework will typically take 1-2 hours per week.

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