New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

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Beginning Drawing

Instructor: Gus Hoffman

How do I make something look three-dimensional? Why do my proportions always seem off? How am I supposed to reduce a colorful world into only shades of gray? Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of drawing! This course offers an introduction to the basic skills of traditional drawing. In this course we will study the fundamental concepts that are paramount towards becoming a successful draftsman. They include:

  • linear perspective
  • proportion
  • scale
  • modeling factors (how light travels across different forms)
  • negative space
  • setting up basic still lifes/ composition
  • value divisions (understanding shading)

This course will be structured around easy-to-follow lessons and drawing exercises that emphasis the above mentioned concepts. After completing this course students will be equipped with the fundamental tools needed to take intermediate drawing or beginner oil painting. No drawing experience is required.

Click HERE for a list of supplies required for this class.