Art History Course Descriptions

American Realist & Figurative Art

Instructor: Terrington Calas

Color slide discussions on the nature of American realist and figurative art. Special topics will include The American Still Life, Portraiture, History Painting, Landscape, The Human Figure, American Romanticism, Classical Realism, Modernist Figuration, American Impressionism, Social Realism, Figurative Sculpture, and Folk Art. 

Emphasis will be placed on a comparison between the American and European approaches to figuration and realism. 

Featured artists include Copley, Stuart, the Peales, Cole, Bierstadt, Bingham, Mount, Audubon, Remington, Cassatt, Sargent, Homer, Eakins, Ryder, Harnett, Peto, Henri, Bellows, Sheeler, Demuth, O'Keefe, Benton, Wood, Burchfield, Hopper, Graves, the Soyers, Levine, Shahn, Lawrence, Tooker, Albright, Wyeth, J. Graham, F. Porter, Diebenkorn, Warhol, Segal, Hockney, Thiebaud, Perlstein, Neel, Katz, Close, Estes, Hanson, Gillespie, Bailey, Andrejevic, Ligare, Golub, Salle, Rothenberg, Fischl, and others.

The Art of New Orleans

Instructor: Terrington Calas

A series of color slide discussions focusing on artists associated with New Orleans. The course will cover artists from the late 19th century to the present, including all the legendary figures and several new to the local scene. Special emphasis will be placed on making stylistic links to national and international art movements. Another concern will be the uniqueness of New Orleans as an inspiration to artists.

Nineteenth Century Art: Realism through Post-Impressionism

Instructor: Terrington Calas

Color slide discussions on the art movements of the 19th century--Realism through Post-Impression.